Hunting Island, take 2

I can’t believe I am just now posting about this, but that is just the kind of week it has been. Honestly, that is just the kind of Fall it has been. Everything seems to have been just a little more hectic, a little more stressful. Part of that is that I have taken on a little more lately, part is a result of Fletcher starting school, but regardless of the reasons it seems time just keeps getting away from us these days. We really needed to  take a step back for a bit – and that is just what we did last weekend.

Along with the Normans, the Gerhardts and the Rabbs, we loaded up the car and headed for a weekend of camping at Hunting Island. This was our first 2 night camping trip, and our first with friends, and I have to say it was a huge success! All total there were 8 adults and 8 children between the ages of 3 and 5.

I had planned all sorts of activities, scavenger hunts, and games but truth be told, the children did not need any outside influence on their fun! They ran through the forest, discovered secret hiding places, collected pine cones, found spiders and unusual plant life, and swung on vines – yes, they literally found vines hanging from the trees and went swinging through the forest! And the adults sat by the fire eating and drinking and talking without much worry about where the kids were or what they were up to. It was bliss. OK, we could have been a little closer to the bathroom facilities since my children absolutely refuse to pee outside (what is up with that??) And the raccoons had their way with my tablecloth and the boiled peanuts and a few coolers. . .Chalk it up to a lesson learned.

The weather was glorious, with just the slightest hint of chill in the air, perfect for snuggling together around the campfire. We explored the woods, had a grand time romping on the beach, and stretched out on the sand at night to watch the stars. It is amazing how many more stars you can see when you get even just a little bit away from the lights of the city! We saw the Milky Way stretching all the way across the sky, and though I’m sure I must have seen it before in my life, I can’t remember it ever being quite so clear and bright. Raymond brought his telescope and everyone took turns looking through it at Jupiter and 3 of its moons!

Monday was back to school, back to work, back to the hustle and bustle. But for a few beautiful days we slowed things down. It left me wanting more . . . but with enough to hold on to until the next time.


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