Potato chip cookies

I’ve been missing my Grandmother Kathleen like crazy lately. I’m not really sure why, perhaps it it because I will be going home for Thanksgiving in a few weeks and for the first time, she won’t be there. Whatever the reason, she keeps popping up lately . . .

I had a dream about her last week.

A few days later Lola picked a book for me to read to her and Fletcher at bedtime, one we hadn’t read in ages, one that Kathleen gave her for Christmas in 2006. It is inscribed to Lola Gray with love from Great Grandmother Epperson. I read them the inscription and Fletcher started to cry. So did I.

A day or so after that, I accidentally hit play on the answering machine, and there was my Grandmother’s voice in a message saved ages ago. It was like I had been hit in the chest.

Then,  yesterday, in one of the dozen or so recipe emails to which I subscribe, there was a recipe for Potato Chip Cookies. My Grandmother made potato chip cookies. In fact, I thought she had made up the recipe because I had never heard of anyone else making them!

I really miss her.

So today I’m making Potato Chip Cookies in her memory.


2 responses to “Potato chip cookies

  1. I miss her too!! Lots and lots. Love, Anna

  2. Ashley, I know she would be so pleased. I think she’s trying to tell you she’s thinking about you and the children and she misses you too.

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