I have been meaning to post this for days and keep forgetting. Such a silly little thing, and yet pretty huge.

I know I have posted before about my frustration in trying to teach Lola Gray her letters. The child is obviously brilliant, but has shown no interest in learning her letters and numbers. What is worse, she gets incredibly frustrated whenever I try to teach her and she quits. I don’t deal well with quitting. But I also don’t want this to be a chore – I know she will learn them eventually.

But a few days ago, Lola presented us with the answer to the problem! She doesn’t care about learning her letters – but she does want to be able to WRITE! Who would have thought? On Thanksgiving she made the place cards and wrote Mommy! Amazing, no?

Since this little discovery I have also downloaded an app to my iPhone called iWrite Words. The app lets her trace letters, numbers and words on the screen and has fun sound effects and bright colors. She loves it! And, it turns out, she knows a lot more of her letters than she was letting on. Not all of them, but we are getting there.

It just goes to show you how we each learn differently. One size does not fit all. (Must make an elementary school teacher’s job incredibly difficult!)


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