Little things

As wonderful as the holidays are, they can sometimes get the better of me. The stress, the chaos, the hustle and bustle. Not to mention I haven’t been sleeping lately . . . time to stop and remind myself of all the little reasons to be happy. And there are so, so many.

Like little dancers .  .  .

homemade Christmas gifts (wish I could share the best with you, but I have to keep them secret for now!)

sparkly picture frames with photos from Christmases past .  .  .

preschool friends and preschool Christmas programs  .  .  .

tiny toes  .  .  .

glittering mantles  .  .  .

and my favorite Christmas ornaments – ceramic balls with the children’s handprints from every Christmas. The one in this photo was from Lola Gray’s first Christmas when she was only a few weeks old!

We have a hectic few weeks ahead of us. There will be family to visit, parties to attend, perhaps a little ice skating if there is time . . .  I am so looking forward to having Fletcher home from school for two whole weeks!!! It doesn’t really matter what we do over the next two weeks, as long as we all do it together.


One response to “Little things

  1. I love Christmas too–I especially love that you all came to see us and I loved my handmade gift–sooooo special—thank you so much—f

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