I did it!

I wasn’t terribly fast, but I finished my first 5K! In fact, I finished it while pushing a stroller full of two children much too large to still be in a stroller.

And the craziest thing was that it was really fun!

Not so much the stroller part . . . that just sort of happened out of necessity and it was actually incredibly frustrating. The fact that for the first time ever I was pushing, what . . . 80 pounds worth of kids in the stroller? (Neither of them has ridden in a stroller for years now!) That was hard enough. But then I also made the mistake of getting at the very back of the pack, thinking I was being courteous. What I didn’t realize was that I was behind all the walkers, and they kept lining up 4 and 5 across the lane so I couldn’t  pass! And of course I had to stop every now and then for Fletcher to climb in and out of the stroller. He did run part of the way, maybe even as much as a  mile of the 3.2, but never for very long at a time.

But the point is that I finished. My time according to my iPhone running app was 44 minutes, which was right around a 14 minute mile. I’m pretty sure I can do a lot better next time.

After the 5K we met up with friends, collected our post-race Power-Ade for the kids and beer for me, then stood in the rain to watch the half-marathon. It was surprisingly fun to stand there shivering and cheering as the main pack of runners passed the half-way point – and the front-runners turned the corner into the home stretch! When Raymond came back around on his way to the finish line, Fletcher ran out to join him and they ran across the finish line together. It was really sweet.

So all in all I would say the experiment was a success! I can’t imagine I will ever be a real runner, and I still think anyone who runs more than a 10K is out of their mind, but I enjoyed it enough to give it another try! There are quite a few more races coming up as we enter Spring. Next time, Raymond is watching the kids. Once with the extra 80 pounds was enough for me!


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