Places we are not

Photos have been removed – my aunt is very upset with me over totally unrelated issues and has requested that I not use her photographs. I am complying. It’s a shame – the photographs were truly beautiful. I’m not removing the post entirely because, at the time I wrote it, it made me happy thinking about my family far away. Maybe someday I will feel that way again . . . so I’m keeping the post as is.


It is snowing.

But not here.

Here it is a (comparatively) balmy 53. Tomorrow it will be 64. The sun is shining and the sky is blue and I am very glad for that . . .

Kinda . . .

In the place where we are not, the place where my family lives, it looks like this today.

And I’m just the tiniest bit jealous.

(Thanks for the photos, Aunt Martha! Wish we were there!)


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