Something’s got to change

I don’t know how I ended up being the person talking about these things. All my life I have been one of the least healthy people I know. I don’t like to exercise. I’m not crazy about vegetables. I LOVE snacking. And let’s face it – I could stand to loose a few pounds. But I’m frightened by what is happening in our world. I’m frightened by our fast food, mass produced, super sized, everything in a hurry culture. Something’s got to change.

People are talking, and that’s a start. Our First Lady is talking. But it doesn’t feel like people are listening yet.

For a while now I have been steering clear of juice boxes and packaged snacks for our household. I’ll admit that part of that is that I am becoming horribly frugal, but part is that I just don’t see the need – or the benefit. I can make cookies at home in minutes, and they taste better, are better for us, and cost less than anything I can buy at the grocery store. But I’m not hard-core by any stretch. So I find it a little odd that I am so up in arms over some of what I see happening at Fletcher’s school . . .

But I am up in arms. And if no one else is going to say anything then I guess I have to.

Our country is in the midst of an epidemic. According to First Lady Michelle Obama’s new initiative ,  obesity rates have tripled in the past 30 years. This trend means that, for the first time in our history, American children may face a shorter expected lifespan than their parents. That is terrifying. Our schools should be fighting this battle on the front line, setting an example for our children and educating our community.

But instead, we push candy bars for fundraisers, we give giant Coke floats (3 big scoops of ice cream and a full glass of Coke) to 5 year olds as reward for attending Science Night, the PTA rolls a snack cart through the halls pushing Air Heads, Slim Jims and 500 calorie chocolate chocolate chip muffins all in the name of a dollar – or a dime, as the case may be. And my vegetarian child can never buy school lunch because there are no meat-free options. None.

Something has got to change.

I’m getting tired of always being the one to stand up. But I can’t sit idly by and watch us sending an entire generation to an early grave.

Something has got to change.

This video, Jamie Oliver accepting a TED award, says it much more effectively than I ever could. Please watch. And please do something. Do something for your own children, but just as importantly (I fear I may be preaching to the choir here) do something for other children. For the children in your school, your neighborhood, for an entire generation. Do something.


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