My life with chickens: Broody

We have added 3 new girls to our brood! Meet Pip, Chicory (Chickorita) and Mike. Pip and Mike are both Auracanas, which means when they will lay beautiful blue eggs. Chicory is a Rhode Island Red. We have them inside for now and are trying to hold them as much as possible so that they grow up accustomed to being handled. They are about a week old now and are amazingly cute.

Meanwhile, our other girls are off their lay right now and the frustration is building. Henriella started going broody a week or so ago, and finally stopped laying altogether the day before yesterday. We have been trying to keep her out of the coop and are hopeful it is working since she seemed to be acting much more normal today. Juliana, however, stopped laying as well! Not sure what is up with that. She is an every-other-day girl and she has now ‘missed’ two days. We are really hoping she stopped laying because Henriella wouldn’t let her in the coop (or maybe she laid them somewhere else in the yard, though we haven’t been able to find them?) and that once Henri is feeling better Juli will get back on schedule as well. I can’t tell you how much we miss those fresh eggs!!


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