Things have been a bit stressful for us lately. If left to our own devices, I think Raymond and I would have both opted to stay home today and fester. Fortunately for all of us, Lola Gray had other ideas. She wanted to go OUT. And since it was a beautiful, warm day, how could we argue?

We packed a picnic and headed to the beach. After lunch, Fletcher, Raymond and I napped in the sun while Lola danced on the beach and collected shells.

When it was almost time to go, the seagulls found us. We all had a great time watching them snatch crackers out of Raymond’s hand until the kids decided to give it a try too . . . .

It didn’t work out so well for Lola Gray. The gull who got her cracker also managed to nip her finger just the tiniest little bit . . . but it scared her in a big way.

After a quick stop at Krispy Kreme we headed home and into the back yard for some time with some much tamer birds.

We also planted dozens and dozens of seeds to start for the garden! We planted rainbow chard, tri-color bush beans, sugar snap peas, cucumbers, cantaloupe and both green and yellow bell peppers. I can’t wait for them to sprout!! Springtime can not get here soon enough for me!

I can’t say that the stress is gone, or even that I anticipate it getting better anytime soon. But we had a good day today. We could have sat around and felt miserable all day, and made the kids miserable right along with us. Instead, we made a choice to enjoy the day. Sometimes that is all it takes, I guess. Just making the choice.


2 responses to “OUT

  1. sea gulls are so clumsy, they really should be more careful when taking a freebie treat

    Your photography is very good. It doesn’t hurt to have cute kids, but I think it’d be good anyway. All of it, not just this post.

    • Thank you! I checked out your blog and your photography site, and given the source, take your comment as a HUGE compliment.

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