moving on

OK. Remember when I said I would post at least a photo every day? I should have known better! Ugh. It hasn’t been the easiest week. Or two.
Or maybe more . . .

But it is time to move on. And even though it hasn’t been the greatest week, there have been some nice parts to it. Like warm air and sunshine, sprouting seeds, growing chicks, silly children and a new camera lens.

And oh yeah, I turned 40.

But now it is on to other things – like Savannah’s ultimate party and Spring right around the corner. Things have got to be looking up soon!


6 responses to “moving on

  1. Cute shot of the feet 🙂

  2. Boy needs a haircut.

    • Have you been talking to my father 🙂

      Yes, he does need a hair cut. Might be time to lay down the law on this one. Maybe . . .

    • Thanks to youknowhim! She hasn’t paid any attention to her mother.

      • Oh come on! I KNOW he needs a hair cut, but I am trying to allow him some room for self-expression and control over his appearance. He really likes the way his hair looks when it is long. But I admit it has crossed a line in the last week or so. Haircuts this weekend all around!

  3. I’ll be looking for the “after” pictures.

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