Paintin’ the town GREEN

St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah – what a treat! I feel sorry for all those folks in other parts of the country where St. Pat’s means nothing more than wearing green if you remember. People are always surprised that the schools in Savannah are closed for St. Patrick’s Day, but honey this is serious business.  In Savannah, St. Patrick’s Day is a week long (or longer!) affair, full of high-stepping girls in fancy dresses, Celtic music, green fountains, visits from Leprechauns . . . all leading up to the big day itself. I’m telling you, this one rivals Christmas.

Green pancakes, green grits, green mimosas and Irish coffee lead into picnics in the park with green sandwiches, Bloody Marys and beer. And the parade! The parade lasts for hours – the party lasts much, much longer.

All of my out of town friends and family, please, please come visit for St. Pat’s one year! I promise Savannah will show you a good time!


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