the beauty of bedtime

I love bedtime. Not just the quiet that comes once it is all over, but the entire process. I love the silliness that always seems to accompany the finding and putting on jammies. I love picking out stories, digging under the covers and reading together.  I love the way Lola Gray devours the book illustrations and Fletcher devours the words. I love snuggling with each of them individually before they fall asleep, talking about the day that is ending and the next one to come.

In some ways bedtime is a lot harder now that the time has changed again. It would be so easy to stay up late . . . but they need their sleep and so do I. Plus, I am totally in love with the light in their bedrooms at bedtime right now. My kids go to sleep pretty early by most standards. 7pm and we are all ready to call it a day! The light at that time of day is soft and quiet and blue; perfect sleeping light. A perfect ending to even imperfect days.


One response to “the beauty of bedtime

  1. When I have stayed with you all and woke up with Lola I have loved how she is so excited to begin the day–she has a wonderful love of the morning as well as the night–she is soooo precious==you and raymond should have had a hundred children=then there would have been no sleep I guess–love the pics and all of you–f

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