Spring Break

The kiddos are on Spring Break this week, and though Raymond and I are not on break, I do want to make this week special. Who says you have to travel to have a vacation??

I love these photos of Fletcher. He looks so much like his Daddy here!!


5 responses to “Spring Break

  1. where does one buy a table cloth like the red one in your photos? it must have been mom’s? and will eternally remind me of fried chicken, picnics, comfort and fun. hope you are enjoying spring break. xoxox

  2. It was mother’s, and you are right it is the epitome of picnic to me. It is totally worn out but I LOVE it. Now if I ever come across one, I know what to get you for Christmas!! xoox

  3. Look at http://www.vermontsountrystore.com Did I give it to you? I guess I did but I don’t remember. I have a blue one and a yellow one too but I used the red one most often when you were children.

  4. You must have given it to me years ago, but I don’t really remember when . . .

  5. Looks like the boy got a haircut.

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