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Just one small voice

Fletcher has been singing this song for days. The other night he told me it was just so beautiful he couldn’t get it out of his head. And he is right, when he sings it, it is very beautiful.

And then of course there is Lola Gray’ original composition. Her creativity blows me away! We went to a school concert tonight featuring the strings program, chorus and band. It was pretty impressive for elementary school kids! I definitely want to get both of the kids in the strings program as soon as they are old enough, and Fletcher really wants to start taking piano lessons next year, but I so hope they both keep singing – nothing in the world is as sweet as those little voices of theirs!

Somthing fun is coming soon!

Something super cool! And it is something I get to share with YOU! Yup. That’s right. A giveaway!

I was contacted recently by CSN Stores (who operate over 200 online stores selling everything from corner tv stands to cookware and pretty much everything in between) to see if I would be interested in doing a product review and a giveaway. And of course I said yes!

So stay tuned, friends! I’m really excited about the product I’m going to be reviewing and can’t wait to share it with you. And don’t forget about the giveaway! (Details coming soon – I promise!!)

Global Warming: right here at home

Global warming is something many of us are “worried” about, something  a lot of us talk about in that sort of abstract, we should really do something kind of way. But the issue seems so big, so out there, so . . . . global. It just doesn’t seem like something that impacts our daily lives all that much. I mean, yes, we had snow in Savannah this year and that is certainly not normal weather! But it was also sorta fun, so no big deal, right?

Well, perhaps we should all think again.

The National Wildlife Federation has posted information about how global warming is currently impacting, and could potentially impact in the future, each state in our country. Click here to see the full list and find your state. You might be surprised. I know I was.

Georgia’s diverse coastal and inland ecosystems face a serious threat from global warming. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates that by 2100, average temperatures in the state could increase about 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit annually depending on the extent to which global warming is abated. In addition, scientists project that sea level along Georgia’s coast could rise up to 25 inches in some areas, contributing to coastal erosion and loss of wetlands, particularly where sea walls and other coastal development reduce the availability of wetlands to migrate inland.

Warmer winters could exacerbate problems associated with invasive red imported fire ants, allowing them to further expand into Georgia’s upland regions. We already have more than our share of fire ants here in Coastal Georgia, and I can tell you I wouldn’t wish them on anyone!

Salt-water intrusion into coastal marshes due to sea level rise could harm critical habitat for shrimp, oysters and other species that support the region’s thriving fisheries industry. It could also destroy important habitat for wintering waterfowl.

Evidence suggests that hurricanes have already increased in intensity and will continue to do so because of global warming. Moreover, rising sea levels will leave beachfront development more vulnerable to storm surges and coastal erosion. We’ve been incredibly lucky in the decade that I have been living in Savannah, and haven’t been hit by a hurricane yet. But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen . . .

The most shocking thing I learned today, however, is that if Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Florida were considered a single country, it would rank seventh in the world for global warming emissions. Seventh in the world!


There are things we can do though. Change your light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs. Plant shade trees. (The Department of Energy says planting three trees strategically around your home to block the sun in summer and wind in winter can reduce your annual heating and cooling costs by an average of 40 percent.) And if you can, buy electricity from clean, renewable sources such as wind, solar and biomass that produce little or no global warming pollution.

It’s up to all of us to do something and do it now.

i heart faces: smile!

One of my new favorite blogs, I Heart Faces, offers up a weekly photo challenge. They provide the inspiration and photographers all over the blogosphere post links to photos that fit within the challenge. This week’s theme is smiles, which theoretically should be easy. The only requirement is that the photo have a person in it and that they are smiling.

But looking back through my pics, I found that the best ones were sans smiles! Yikes! I can hear myself saying “You don’t have to smile, just do what you are doing!” I had to dig all the way back to October to find this one, but I’m glad I found it. It was taken  the first day we were able to leave the house after a week of quarantine with H1N1 virus. We were so happy to see the sun again!

I love the mischevious look on his face here. That counts as a smile, right? I am definitely going to be aware of allowing more smiles into my photos from now on!!

Heaven on a spoon

Last year, Raymond brought me this beautiful little jar of Crema di Pistacchio di Bronte from Italy. Pistachio gelato is my favorite flavor (not that I have found a bad one yet!) and we have been wanting to try our hand at making it. This weekend, we finally gave it a shot.

I wish you could smell this! It smells like Italy to me!

We used David Lebovitz’ recipe, which you can find here. And while the end result may not look like much, take my word for it. This is heaven on a spoon. Still not as good as the real deal perhaps . . . but we will get that soon enough! Five weeks and counting!!

hula girl

practice with the big girls

Lola Gray had an extra ballet practice today to get ready for her first recital! We got there early and were able to watch the big girls practice. She was mesmerized. I can’t wait to see her up on that stage!!