Meet Squirtle

Meet Squirtle the turtle. Cute, isn’t he? He also seems to be the newest member of the Gaddy menagerie! My office mate found him as she was driving in to work yesterday, and, well, he found his way home with me!


3 responses to “Meet Squirtle

  1. you will need to start a mealy worm box for him–they love mealy worms–put oatmeal in a pan and put some apple slices on top –leave it alone for a while–and soon you will have mealy worms–yum–to a turtle–,lov e you==

  2. Frankie, that sounds awful! Where do the worms come from? Out of the apple? Out of the oatmeal? Or are they somewhere in my house just waiting for me to set out oatmeal and apples for them??

  3. AWWWW!! Isn’t he cute!!

    Hi! stopping by from MBC. Great blog.

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