Be Out There: Day 3, Strawberries!

Normally, I work all day on Mondays. I go into the building at 7:30am and I don’t leave until 7:30pm, and the only interaction I have with nature is through the window. It kinda stinks. (Not my job! I love my job! But I do find myself staring wistfully out the window as the sun is setting wondering how I totally missed the passing of another day . . . ) Today, however, I took a day ‘off.’

Raymond’s little accident yesterday had him a bit off kilter today, and unable to drive, so I took the day off of work to take care of the kiddos. It was a furlough day for the Savannah public schools (don’t even get me started) so this morning we headed out to pick strawberries at the Bamboo Farm & Coastal Gardens.

When we came home we discovered that our baby chicks had managed to escape!! There they were, happy as clams running around the backyard with the big hens like they did it every day.

I love these little guys! Unlike the other hens who have been wary of us from day one, these girls are pretty comfortable with us. The kids can just walk up and pick them up. Chickorita even comes running towards us whenever she sees us!

Oh – we also found this cute little fuzzy caterpillar . . .

And got some new shoes . . .

And had a lot of fun playing with my new Hipstamatic app for the iPhone!

The day ended with my sweet boy feeling a bit puny, though, and running a low-grade fever. Looks like he will be staying home from school tomorrow . . .


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