Be Out There: Day 4, Takin’ a walk

Day 4 of our Be Out There challenge began with Fletcher running a fever and complaining of a sore throat. He convalesced on the pull-out couch in the playroom and watched TV all morning. Of course when Lola Gray came home from preschool she wanted to join him on the sofa bed! I gave up all hope of this being a Be Out There sort of day.

Instead, I baked bread and made strawberry jam from yesterdays harvest.

But this afternoon the fever broke and Fletcher was back to his old self! The weather is beautiful right now, despite the crazy amounts of pollen covering everything, so we headed out for a good old-fashioned walk.

“Can’t we take the car???”

“Ummm . . . .  NO!”

I had an ulterior motive here, I must confess. I’m more than a little worried about Lola Gray’s ability to keep up when we are on our big trip this summer. We are going to be doing a LOT of walking. She needs to start getting used to it now!

And you know what? She did great! She complained a few times, and took a lot of breaks, but all in all I was very proud of her. We walked down to the Feed & Seed and picked up some birdseed for the hens as well as some chives and cucumber seedlings. (I would have bought more plants but was pretty sure asking Lola to carry anything might be pushing it a bit too far!)

Lola is soooooooo her NayNay’s grandchild. She is obsessed with flowers! She spent pretty much the whole time looking at the flower seeds, and really wanted to buy some lavender seeds but mean Mommy that I am, I wouldn’t let her get them. I think instead I will take her to look for a lavender plant on Thursday – it is one of my favorites too!


2 responses to “Be Out There: Day 4, Takin’ a walk

  1. That makes me very happy that Lola Gray likes flowers

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