Be Out There: Day 5, Kill the TV!!

Well, it turns out Fletcher has strep . . . AGAIN. He is on antibiotics now and feeling fine, but still contagious so no school today. Or yesterday. Or at all since last Friday. He may be going a little stir crazy.

As for me, I’m in total spring cleaning mode. The house has been a disaster for a long time (who am I kidding, it is always a disaster!) and today I reached my tipping point and decided it had to be clean NOW. So I told the kids they could do pretty much whatever they wanted as long as they stayed in the playroom and out of my way.

Yeah, I know. Bad idea. There was a lot of television watching and, well, the TV seems to turn my children into DEMONS. I should know better. Once I banned the television for the rest of the day and kicked the kids out the back door, everything was a lot better.

(Can you tell I am having a ton of fun playing with my new Hipstamatic app for my iPhone? )

Leaving the back door open was not such a good idea, either. Our girls get lonely outside it seems. Whenever we come inside, they want to come inside too! But chicks on my newly mopped bathroom floor, not one of my favorite things.

Anyway, Fletcher is going back to school tomorrow and we will be back to something resembling a normal schedule. I just hope the next time we are all stuck in the house together I remember this lesson: TV makes my children wild and difficult. Skip it and Be Out There instead – it will save your sanity!


5 responses to “Be Out There: Day 5, Kill the TV!!

  1. He’s more concerned with the chickens being inside.

  2. We are building a new fence this weekend, so no more chickens sneaking into the house!!

  3. I love the photo treatment. How do you do it? BTW, love the chicks, but of course, they’re not on my floor.

    • Thanks, Jamie! I took all of the photos using the Hipstamatic app for my iPhone. There are lots of different “lens” types and “film” types you can play with, but I love how these look like Polaroid transfer prints.

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