It’s a little ridiculous how happy I was to get my camera back in my hands tonight. I think I have a problem . . .

But come on! How can you not smile when you realize you have captured a giggle like that?

Or that golden princess braid . . .

And look who turned up again today! Some of you might remember Spunky, who once upon a time was Fletcher’s constant companion. Spunky went everywhere with Fletcher. When he needed his hands free, he would tuck Spunky into the collar of his shirt, that pink puppy head poking out under my sweet boy’s chin. At the beach, Spunky found a home in the waistband of Fletcher’s swim trunks. I’m not sure when he stopped carrying Spunky everywhere, but I guess it just sort of faded away a bit like the Super Fletcher cape . . . It was kinda nice to see our old friend again.

I love Lola Gray’s chubby little hand in this photo. She seems so grown up these days, but that sweet little hand looks like my baby girl. It reminds me of a photo taken of her over Easter weekend when she was only 4 months old. We were in Virginia visiting my parents and we went to a wonderful kite festival. Truth be told, Lola and I didn’t hit it off right away. I was a little . . . overwhelmed . . . or something when she was born. And she was fussy! I bounced up and down on an exercise ball for hours with that girl, because it was the only thing that seemed to soothe her! I just couldn’t seem to get a handle on things and I was secretly pretty sure I had made a huge mistake. But on that day at the kite festival, tiny little Lola Gray managed to get her thumb into her mouth, and her whole body relaxed, and my baby girl closed her eyes and put her head down on my shoulder and snuggled with me. Part of me thinks it couldn’t really have been the first time that happened, but it certainly felt like the first time. I remember resting my cheek against her tiny head and thinking “Ok. We can do this.”

And that was huge.

And someone snapped a picture of it. I love that picture. And something about Lola’s sweet hand tonight made me think about it again, and how far we have come. It seems unimaginable now that I ever thought I had made a mistake, impossible to imagine my life without this incredible girl.


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