Learn something new every day

R. taught a workshop at the MOCA in Jacksonville last weekend, and one of his students was a textiles conservator. He came home gushing about their conversations – this woman is in he process of conserving one of Teddy Roosevelt’s original teddy bears, and has agreed to take a look at my Great-Grandmother’s wedding dress and assess it’s condition. So cool.

And then he tells me that, according to her, the best way to remove blood from cloth is with saliva – but it has to be the saliva of the person who bled. Something about the enzymes. Ok, I say. Interesting. Ya learn something new every day.

Well, last night as I was reading to the kids, Fletcher scratched a bug bite and bled all over the quilt I made for Lola Gray. I was ticked, because it was right in the middle of the quilt and painfully obvious and I figured it would never come out entirely. But, we gave the old saliva trick a try, and guess what? It worked! I mean totally, completely worked!!! Plus, Fletcher enjoyed being able to spit on the bed – though we also discovered he doesn’t have very good spitting aim.

Ya learn something new every day!


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