Hipstamatic Mother’s Day

Is there anything in the world better than a card handmade by your child? See all the little yellow circles? Fletcher tells me that is the pollen. And yea, his handwriting is pretty rough. Frankly, Lola writes more clearly. But his teacher says it is pretty common for gifted boys to have bad handwriting – and I don’t think she was saying that just to make me feel better, because she also said it is something he really needs to work on.

My card from Lola Gray was a stunner. The girl can move some watercolor! This one is going in a frame.

We walked to the Feed & Seed, but they were closed.

No worries. We found plenty of dandelions to entertain us along the way.

And spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging out in the back yard.

Risotto for dinner. Made, in part, by Mama’s little helper. She also made her own bed and dusted the livingroom – and only broke 1 picture frame in the process.

And she discovered Han Solo’s butt. I mean, what’s funnier than that?

And Fletcher, who is quite possibly more sentimental than even me, read Goodnight Moon to me before bed. To be fair, he has done this every night for more than a week. “Because you used to read it to me every night when I was a baby.” That’s my boy.

What more could a mother want?


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