The past few days have been a whirlwind. I’m sorry I’ve been so bad about posting, but I have been so exhausted by the end of each day .  . . The flight to London went as smoothly as possible and the kids were really wonderful. It isn’t easy to deal with all the hurry-up and wait that goes along with travel, but they took to it flawlessly. “Roll with the punches” we have started saying every time something doesn’t go as planned – like Fletcher’s camera breaking before we left the Jacksonville airport.

We only have a day and a half in London for this first leg of our trip – we will spend more time there visiting Aunt Boo on the return. However, despite our jet lag we managed to see quite a lot of London! We visited Harods and Selfridges, Tower Bridge, the Globe Theatre, the Tate Modern, rode on the top of a double decker bus, and probably quite a bit more that I can’t remember right now . . . can’t wait to go back again in a few weeks!

And then . . . .  on to Rome!


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