Ahhhhh . . . . Roma. We are here. And all the bumps and bruises of travel (because, let’s face it, travel is never smooth) are forgotten when greeted with a meal like the one we had our first night here. Picture the Piazza Navona, with it’s 3 glorious fountains and strolling buskers, surrounded by pricey cafes. Normally, we might not have stopped to eat there, especially with the children in tow, but this was a welcome meal for the students. And what a welcome it was!

We started with an incredible salad – big enough to be an entire meal! Arugula, parmigiana, fresh mozzarella, and beef (Carpaccio?  Breseola? I’m not really sure, but I know it was delish!) all drizzled with thick, amazing balsamic vinegar.

Next up, pasta. Again, I’m not entirely sure what I was eating . . . only that it was beyond amazing. It was something like carbonara, with fresh spinach, mushrooms and a crispy sprinkling of panchetta (or speck?) Words can not describe.

And then, just when we thought we could not possibly eat another bite . . . dessert! When it arrived, Fletcher (who was sitting across from me, thus all the photos of him here) exclaimed “Could this meal possibly get any better? I don’t think so!”

I tend to agree with him. A lovely start to our month in Rome!


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