Monthly Archives: July 2010

Too hot

We are on our second week of record high temperatures and a heat index that consistently hits 118+ That is just wrong. Even the water in the swimming pool is a steamy 92 degrees! Thank goodness for our shady backyard and, of course, for popsicles. We at them by the dozens today. Literally 3 or 4 at a time. Too hot to say no.


a girl and her chicken

Roving Mars

Fletcher check the Roving Mars documentary out of the library yesterday, and is now a bit obsessed with rescuing Spirit, the Mars rover. He got on the NASA website yesterday and sent a postcard to Spirit letting her know that he wants to send another rover up to look for her and bring her back. Who knows, maybe someday he’ll actually do it . . .

If you can’t read the postcard, here is what it says:
“Dear Spirit: Where are you! I might send another rover to Mars. To chrj you up. Rite back. Love Fletcher.”

my little fishies

in the garden . . .

Things haven’t gone very well in our garden this year. The tomatoes just aren’t producing. The cucumbers that were flourishing vanished almost over night. The one bright spot has been the unexpected appearance of butternut squash – unexpected because we never planted butternut squash. Honestly, we have no idea where they came from; our best guess is that some seeds failed to compost and somehow managed to sprout . . .

Regardless of how they got there, we have squash growing! This poor guy didn’t make it though. The vine dried up before the squash was fully grown or ripe. I’m hoping it may still ripen a bit, but who knows? There is one more squash still growing though, and multiple flowers on the vine, so all is not lost. Not yet, anyway.

My life with chickens: My how you’ve grown!

When we left for Italy, Chickorita, Pip and Mike were still our tiny chickadees . . . . but when we returned? Wow! Our babies are huge! They are much bigger than Henriella and Juliana, though they don’t seem to know it and are still letting themselves be bullied and chased around. No eggs yet, but it can’t be long now! I’m hoping by October or November . . .

Mermaid me

What’s not to love about a day where you can be transformed into a mermaid? OK, a very large and sandy mermaid (I did not say beached whale) but it was surprisingly fun none the less. Lola Gray said we looked beautiful. Fletcher liked my ample mermaid bosom, which now that I think about it looked a bit like the Venus of Willendorf . . .