the first tooth

Fletcher lost his first tooth! It was only wiggly for a few weeks, and I really didn’t expect it to come out so soon but on the way home from the library today he pulled it out all by himself! And he was thrilled. Beyond thrilled. His sister didn’t take it as well. In fact, she cried because she didn’t think he looked like himself anymore. You would think I would be the one to cry over it, right? But no. He was so excited it just made me excited too.

The tooth looks so tiny and hole in his mouth looks so big. Odd how our perspectives change. That tiny little tooth looked so big when it first came in! I remember the first time we caught sight of it I called my mother and told her I thought he was getting a tooth. You think? Well, I told her, it looks like he has a piece of potato chip stuck to his gum but since he hadn’t been eating potato chips (much to my mother’s relief) it must be a tooth.

And now that first tooth is in a box under Fletcher’s pillow waiting to be swapped for a shiny golden dollar. He also wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy requesting that she leave the tooth. It was his favorite one, he said. I think it might be my favorite, too. Of course, they might all be my favorites . . .

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