in the garden . . .

Things haven’t gone very well in our garden this year. The tomatoes just aren’t producing. The cucumbers that were flourishing vanished almost over night. The one bright spot has been the unexpected appearance of butternut squash – unexpected because we never planted butternut squash. Honestly, we have no idea where they came from; our best guess is that some seeds failed to compost and somehow managed to sprout . . .

Regardless of how they got there, we have squash growing! This poor guy didn’t make it though. The vine dried up before the squash was fully grown or ripe. I’m hoping it may still ripen a bit, but who knows? There is one more squash still growing though, and multiple flowers on the vine, so all is not lost. Not yet, anyway.


One response to “in the garden . . .

  1. It is a fact that a byproduct of a well fed chichen is butternut squash. Enjoy. And let us know about the birds. Remember, no cryin’ just fryin’. Regards, the Colonel

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