Roving Mars

Fletcher check the Roving Mars documentary out of the library yesterday, and is now a bit obsessed with rescuing Spirit, the Mars rover. He got on the NASA website yesterday and sent a postcard to Spirit letting her know that he wants to send another rover up to look for her and bring her back. Who knows, maybe someday he’ll actually do it . . .

If you can’t read the postcard, here is what it says:
“Dear Spirit: Where are you! I might send another rover to Mars. To chrj you up. Rite back. Love Fletcher.”


3 responses to “Roving Mars

  1. Hi! I’m the lead rover driver for Spirit and her twin sister, Opportunity. Would you please tell Fletcher thanks for the postcard? As you might expect, we’re all rooting for Spirit, too — we hope to hear from her in the next month or two, and we’re going to resume work on getting her out when we do.

    I love the idea that Fletcher’s following along, and maybe that he’ll come to work on MER when he’s old enough. You never know: it was the Voyager missions that inspired me to get into robotic space exploration, and decades later, when I was working at JPL, I got to set up a communication pass to talk to one of them. We’ll try to keep both Spirit and Opportunity in good working order long enough for Fletcher to have his chance. 🙂

    All the best,
    Scott Maxwell

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