If you give a mouse a cookie . . .

What, oh what to do when it is 110 in the shade but you need a break from the pool? Bake cookies, of course! OK, that may seem a bit counter-intuitive – I’ve been avoiding turning on the over if possible, since it is so miserably hot here right now. But the kids found a cookbook Grandmama gave them a while back, and Fletcher read all the recipes aloud to me, and made a shopping list, and read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, and I just couldn’t say no. We made mouse shaped sugar cookies and Jelly Jamborees and only melted a little bit from the heat of the oven.


2 responses to “If you give a mouse a cookie . . .

  1. Sherry Grygotis

    Was just checking out your site. Very cute. Love the top picture of the kids feet…. I too love pictures of my kids feet – I have tons of them.

    good of you to make cookies – I have been thinking about it but just haven’t done it – now I will have to do it tomorrow since you set the bar.


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