Ordinary Magic

We had a rough afternoon. It may take a bit of time for Lola Gray to adjust to the full-day school, and a post school doctor’s appointment requiring the drawing of blood didn’t make the afternoon any easier. The kids were starving, so we had an early dinner, and then went outside for popsicles and a little fun before bed.

The sun was slowly sinking behind the fence as I watered the plants, and suddenly the spray of water exploded in the most amazing sparkle of light. It took my breath away! I grabbed the kids and my camera and we played, exposing the beams of sunlight streaming through the fence slats in brilliant, magical droplets of water until the sun finally slipped away and it was time for bed. The photos don’t do it justice at all. It was . . . beautiful. Just an ordinary evening on an ordinary Tuesday. But it was magic.


2 responses to “Ordinary Magic

  1. Hey. Beautiful beautiful pictures. You may remember that when Chase started full-day school, there were a solid two or three weeks of regular evening meltdowns. Tears at dinner. General exhausted kid craziness. I’d try to be patient but would often end up joining the tantrum. One of my kids docs told me that he and his wife (also a doctor) believe that it just takes so much for young kids to keep it together for 6 or 7 hours of school, that they just come completely unglued the minute they walk in the house. The thing I’ve always admired about you as a mother is how you make your home a safe place, a place of love and nurture, a haven from the hectic world. This post captures it perfectly. You are an example to me.

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