Daily Archives: October 4, 2010

First Communion


Girl time

Raymond was out of town for the weekend, and Fletcher was lucky enough to go on a sleepover at his buddy Will’s house, so that left Lola Gray and I on our own. Girl time! Lo could not have been more thrilled. She said she wanted to go shopping, have her toenails painted, and eat at a fancy restaurant. Target and McDonald’s had to sit in for the big shopping trip and fancy dinner, but we went all out with the pedicure!

Those long legs just kill me! When did my baby girl get so big??

Oh! And while Lola and I were being girly, this is what Fletcher was up to . . .

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(Thank you to the Hensleys and the Heidels for giving Fletcher such a wonderful experience and for letting me have some girl time with my sweet Lola!!)