Daily Archives: October 15, 2010

Reflections: Together We Can

This year, the kids are going to participate in the PTA Reflections program, an arts program encouraging students to explore a theme through visual arts, writing, dance and music. This year’s theme is “Together We Can . . . ”

Entries are due soon, so the kids and I sat down this afternoon to work on their pieces. They both decided to take photographs, which surprised me a bit since Lola is so pro-painting/drawing. But we had a great time, and I think they came up with some great shots. Now we just have to narrow it down to a single entry for each of them . . . .

Lola’s interpretation was: Together we can “just hang out.” She didn’t skip a beat, just grabbed a few of her favorite stuffies, hung them from the freezer handle, and grabbed the camera.

I think I like this last shot best, but I’m not sure if Lola will agree with me.

Fletcher’s interpretation of the theme was “Together we can explore new places.” He decided that maybe, working together, we could even discover new worlds with aliens on them! That led him to take his Star Wars figures into the back yard to photograph the aliens. He was so serious about it – and he really wants his piece to be picked to move on into the regional competition! I’m not sure where he gets that competitive streak . . .

Lola Gray also “wrote” one of her songs while we were taking photos. It was all about things we can do together, and how when we work together we can go faster and build taller . . . I’m going to try and get her to sing it again tomorrow and will try to write it down so she can enter it as a poem.