Halloween – one way or another

Halloween has gotten pretty messed up around here this year. Seems some people aren’t too keen on trick-or-treating on the Christian sabbath, and while I can respect their position it seems to me the obvious answer would be for those people to abstain from celebrating Halloween this year. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the opinion of our local elected officials. At 5:30 Monday evening, the Monday before Halloween mind you, they announced that Halloween would no longer be on October 31st this year, but on Saturday the 30th instead.

Really???? Yeah, really. It even made the New York times.

Sunday Halloween Is Tricky Business – NYTimes.com

And I have to tell you, this decision and the ensuing neighborhood drama has pretty much sucked the fun out of one of my favorite holidays. I want to protest on principle. There are, in my opinion, separation of church and state issues at play here. But are my children too young to learn that lesson? Would they just remember the year Mommy wouldn’t let them go trick-or-treating?

I’m still not really sure what we will do. But I do know I am doing my darndest to get in the Halloween spirit again. Parties at the elementary school were a good start to the weekend – especially Lola Gray’s pre-K class pumpkin party which was a total ball. How could you not smile and feel better when presented with this:


3 responses to “Halloween – one way or another

  1. I love HALLOWEEN

  2. I love Halloween also–when I was a teacher our lesson plans listed this holiday as a holiday of merriment–it is –just like valentine’s day and st. patrick’s day–I wish people could just enjoy and let the children enjoy–it is soooo much fun people don’t get so serious about the day of fun–have fun anyway—-love you all–f

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