Halloween after all

Well, despite all the drama that preceded it, Halloween did arrive in Savannah. And yes, it did arrive early and yes, we did buckle and take the kids trick-or-treating on Saturday, October 30th. And it was nice. Not the wonderful, festive packed streets we experienced in years past, but with all the confusion that was to be expected. The kids didn’t seem to mind.

Fletcher was the best Harry Potter ever. I made his Hogwarts robe, and I have to say I’m pretty proud of the job I did! (It was easier than I expected . . . maybe I’ll post how I did it if anyone wants to give it a try next year?) On his insistence we even sprayed his hair black(ish) which was a huge mess but he loved it. Everywhere we went people people were blown away by how much he looked like the real Harry! He ate it up.

Lola Gray was, of course, the most adorable little black cat.

And I was her witch.

She has been excited about this for weeks, telling everyone within shouting distance that I was going to be her witch on Halloween. She told the little girl next door, who jumped up, ran inside, and came running back out holding this slinky black and orange dress and proclaimed that I could wear it for Halloween! She was so excited, and Lola was so excited, and I was thinking . . . . .really? But I told them I would try it on.

They both asked me about it over and over and over. Finally, on Saturday afternoon I couldn’t put it off any longer. I tried on the dress, looked in the mirror and decided it was waaaaaay too slinky for me. And at that very moment Lola Gray walked in the room. The look on her face was like she had just seen Snow White. She totally lit up. She thought I looked perfect.

So I wore the dress.
The things we do for our children . . . .

One the REAL Halloween we had our annual Halloween cocktail party. I lost track of how many people actually came. Close to 75 probably. I’m not sure how I ended up hosting these huge parties – I really don’t like people all that much. Except for my friends. I love my friends. And my circle of friends seems to just keep growing. How lucky is that?


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