The moment that changed everything

We all make a million decisions every day, and who knows at any given point which ones will change our lives. I’m not talking big decisions here, just the little things. Little things make all the difference.

Twelve years ago I went to Miami for the Southeastern College Art Conference. I was fresh out of grad school, totally over my head in my new teaching position, and feeling painfully shy and alone. A colleague suggested the conference, and I didn’t want to go but I did. I spent pretty much the whole time wishing I was home with my cat.

The last day of the conference was Halloween. If there were sessions that day, I don’t remember them. Instead I spent the day wandering around by myself, shopping and enjoying being alone – talking to people can be such a chore. That afternoon I was walking down the street when I realized that the group of people walking towards me were people I knew. Well, sort of knew. They were grad students from a neighboring university, all with ties to the school where I was teaching. And because I am me, the first thought I had when I saw them was “Turn! Quick! Hide before they see you!”

But there was no place to go . . . and they had already seen me.

The next thing I knew I was being dragged off to dinner, which turned into dancing, which turned into a pre-dawn visit to the beach.

Four years later, I married one of those grad students. Today we are celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary and I love him more than I ever imagined possible. If I hadn’t gone to the conference, if I hadn’t gone shopping that day,  if I had thought fast enough to get out of dinner . . . . I don’t even want to think about it. That moment on the sidewalk in Miami changed everything.

I thought you might enjoy a few photos from our wedding, but I don’t have them in digital format . . . here are a few very poor quality ones (I took pics of the original photos with my iPhone) from the wedding along with one of my favorites (above)  from our honeymoon. Don’t we look young??

Want to see more? Our wedding was featured by The Knot and is still out there in cyberspace! The article sounds pretty goofy to me, but it truly was a magical wedding.








3 responses to “The moment that changed everything

  1. It was a beautiful wedding –Happy Anniversary- and many more happy years together–f

  2. What a fantastic story, and I love the wedding photos and article. Thanks for sharing this (very important) slice of your life!

  3. It was a beautiful wedding. It was just meant to be.

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