practice makes perfect

There were a lot of adjustments we had to make when Lola Gray started pre-K. One of the biggest problems was that school lets out at 3:25 and the 4 year old ballet class begins at 3:30. We tried to make it work, but there was just no way. The only solution was to move her into the older class with the kindergarten students, a choice we were all a little nervous about. There are a lot of physical developments that happen between 4 and 5, and I was worried my sweet girl might not be coordinated enough to keep up with the big girls (she is her mother’s daughter, after all.) But as usual, I needn’t have worried. She is doing great! Her class will be performing in the Nutcracker in just about 3 weeks, so they are practicing hard to perfect their dance. Lola looks so tiny next to some of these girls, but she is keeping up and I’m sure she will be wonderful in the performance!

2 responses to “practice makes perfect

  1. She did so well! Camille enjoyed watching the video too. Her comment – “She’s cute!”

  2. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can be there! But no way to tell right now. But she’s doing great!

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