Rethinking Christmas

I love Christmas. I love the decorations, the baking, the parties, the carols. But I’m starting to rethink the gift giving part of it a bit. The thing is, while my children, like all children, want every toy and game they see . . . they don’t really need any of them. They don’t really need anything, except maybe pajamas and socks that aren’t 2 sizes too small. Most of the time they don’t even actually play with toys. We play board games or card games as a family sometimes. Lola has her doll Loosa that she plays with a lot, and her art supplies. Fletcher has his Legos. And they both have their imaginations.

Do we really need to buy them toys?

Fletcher has been asking for a Nintendo DS so he can get the Pokemon game several of his friends have. We have said no. When school started this year, we instituted at no weekday tv or video game policy – and it has gone shockingly well. Most of the time they don’t even think to ask about screen time on the weekends! So why would we want to mess that up by introducing another screen into the house? I was secretly worried that we would be the only family with a no DS policy, but I’ve talked to several other mothers recently who have made the same decision – I think it is a good one.

Without the screen time, my kids play outside. They make up their own games. They run around and get dirty and use their imaginations and find new ways of entertaining themselves. And when they can’t go out, they have the Legos and the art supplies to make their own games indoors. I honestly can’t figure out anything else they need. And the real question here is, should I really be trying this hard to come up with things to buy for them?

I want them to have packages to open on Christmas morning . . . but we are definitely going to keep it simple. There probably won’t be a “big” gift from Santa this year, unless it is this drum kit Lola and I are coveting . .
I’m not really sure what will be under our tree, but I’m guessing a lot of it, both for the kids and for our friends and family, will be homemade. We are at 34 days and counting, so it’s time to get busy!! Spoiler alert: I’ll do my best to post our homemade gift projects here, so if you think you might be on our Christmas list and you want to be surprised, be careful what you read!


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