It has happened. My baby turned five yesterday.

We celebrated with cupcakes at school, friends at the park, and sushi for dinner. But of course the big celebration comes in just over a week when we head to the happiest place on earth! Disney World, here we come!!

I want the trip to be pure magic for my magical girl – and I’m getting nervous about it. This child has definite ideas about the way things should be – like how she spouted off elaborate directions for her birthday cupcakes that involved making edible wand cake toppers, a task I was certain to fall short in completing.

Or how she announced in the Sistine Chapel, surrounded by some of the most magnificent art ever created, that really, it wasn’t as pretty as she expected.

The other night she reminded me that last year Cinderella came to her birthday party. Then, after a long pause, she said “If Cinderella at Disney World doesn’t look like the Cinderella at my party, that means the one from my party was NOT the real Cinderella.” Yikes. Hard to argue with her though!

I think (hope) I’m worrying needlessly though. I can only imagine that when she sees Cinderella’s castle and all the princesses walking around the park . . . well, how could that not be magical?



3 responses to “FIVE!!

  1. Maybe you should start playing it down a bit!

  2. Don’t know but I’ve heard this type ah response is heriditary. And not just in chickens.

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