Fidem meam obligo

At first I thought it was just gibberish. I mean, she was crawling around the playroom with a cardboard box overturned on top of her like a giant turtle, muttering. Gibberish would have made sense. But it wasn’t gibberish. It was the Pledge of Allegiance. In LATIN.

And I was worried about her learning her alphabet?

Fidem meam obligo
vexillo civitatium
Americae  foederatarum
et rei publicae pro qua stat
uni natione deo ducente
non dividendae
cum libertate iustitiaque omnibus


One response to “Fidem meam obligo

  1. i thought i was the only one that remembered the pledge in latin… although my version was earlier than this one, in that there was no reference to deo… (i think it was in 1953, before madelyn murray got involved)…

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