the happiest place on earth

We are freshly back from the happiest, COLDEST, happiest place on earth. That’s right folks, Disney World!! The trip wasn’t exactly like we expected. I had visions of the kids splashing away in the resort’s incredible pool for hours on end . . . but temperatures in the 20’s put a fast end to that notion. Yes. The 20’s. In Orlando. Oh well.

But I have to tell you, while we froze our tushies off and probably didn’t stay as long past dark as we might have otherwise, it was still a magical experience.

Fletcher discovered a love of roller coasters – one his sister does not share. Lola learned the joys of It’s A Small World and animatronic singing bears.

Lola Gray was given a button saying that it was her birthday – but she wouldn’t wear it. She got soooo embarrassed at all the people wishing her Happy Birthday! I didn’t expect that shyness from her.

Watching them interact with Snow White and Mickey and Minnie (Lola Gray was so nervous!), watching their faces as they waved to everyone in the Electric Parade. . . . priceless. And the fireworks! What a show!! We are already planning our return trip!!


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