New Year’s Revolution

Lola Gray, all on her own, came up with a New Year’s “Revolution” (and no, I have not corrected her – revolution is just too cute.) Her revolution? To spend more time cooking with Mommy. This, of course, makes Mommy feel infinitely loved and just a little less than infinitely stressed out – I mean, let’s face it, anything done in the kitchen with kids takes twice as long as doing it yourself and produces twice the mess. But, at least for the moment, I’m letting the loved part of the equation take over and embracing Lola’s desire to spend time with me in the kitchen.

Today we made pasta. From scratch. A few cups of flour, a half dozen eggs (some freshly laid this morning) and we were in business. We blasted Prince from the iPod and danced around the kitchen as we covered ourselves and everything else in flour. We mixed and kneaded and rolled, and every time we ran another sheet of dough through the cutter Lola let out just the tiniest little gasp of excitement. That alone is worth a little extra mess, no?

If you’ve never tried to make your own pasta before, you really should. It’s easier than you might think – and sooooo much more satisfying than grabbing that box of dried noodles off the shelf. And to top it off, the easiest and most delicious tomato sauce ever. Seriously. You must try it.

Lola was really proud of the dinner she made. I can’t promise we will cook together every day, but I certainly think there will be many more cooking dates in our future!


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