My life with chickens: cold chicken

It must be hard to be a chicken in the cold. Egg production is way down, which breaks my heart. I think we only have 4 or 5 of the beauties left in the fridge, and after Sunday morning pancakes we may be out entirely. After our stretch of getting 4 and sometimes 5 eggs a day, that is hard to take. But honestly, if I was a chicken in this weather we’ve had lately, I wouldn’t bother to lay any eggs either.

I do love how fat and feathery the girls are these days. Mike, in particular, has that wonderful fluffy down on her tush – just kills me watching her run around the yard. Warmer weather is coming, girls! Hang in there!


One response to “My life with chickens: cold chicken

  1. We pluck ares. Tush and all. Fethers don’t cook so good. Took some time to figger it out but we no now. No cryn, just fryn. Good cold wether dinner.

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