first words

At dinner tonight, the kids wanted to know what their first words had been. If I was one of those good mothers who religiously kept a baby book, I would be able to answer them. But honestly, I can’t remember. Isn’t that awful?

I do, however, remember both of their first sentences.

Fletcher’s first sentence was “I want apple juice.” We were in the parking lot of Home Depot, and Raymond & I were so shocked that he used a full sentence rather than just saying “juice” that we drove straight to the grocery store and bought the boy some apple juice!

Lola Gray’s first sentence was even more of a shocker. It’s hard to imagine now, but she was not as verbal a baby as her big brother the non-stop talker, and because I worry about everything I was just the tiniest bit worried about her vocabulary, which I think consisted pretty much of “Mommy”, “Daddy” and maybe “juice.” (Mind you, she was still very young and her vocab was actually perfectly normal.) One day we stayed for a church lunch after the Sunday service. We were in the line to get lunch and I was holding Lola on my hip when she pointed up at one of the lights and said “I see the moon!” I was so surprised I just looked at her for a second and then said “What did you say?” And she said it again!

For the record, neither of them has stopped talking since!


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