Turning 7

All the planning paid off. The Harry Potter party was a huge success! Crazy, yes. Chaotic, yes. But what else would you expect from a 7 year old’s birthday party?? I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I would have liked, caught up as I was in the flow of the moment. But again, that is as it should be.

The kids had a ball. They were sorted into houses (and very few complaints about the sorting – which concerned me going in) and were thrilled with their house scarves. Several kept asking me if they had to give them back or if they got to keep them.

The Potions Lesson was a huge hit despite the fact that a few of the older kids tried very hard to give away the secret, having just done similar experiments in science class. Raymond told the kids not to drink the potions or they would turn into chickens, then pointed to the hens roaming the backyard as proof. Hysterical how many of them thought twice about that one!

Then, despite the fact that we had snow flurries (for the 3rd time this year!!) we all headed down the street to the park for our Care of Magical Creatures class. The magical creatures had escaped, and a fabulous scavenger hunt ensued . . .

Back to the house to warm in front of the fire and enjoy the rest of the whirlwind of activities. It was 2 jam packed hours, and could easily have gone on for longer! The Bertie Botts tasting was a big hit – though I should have thought to have a “spit jar” at the ready since it seemed most of the beans were of the nasty variety and most of them came back out of mouths much faster than they went in! It was hysterical.

As you can see from the photos, this was a “no parents allowed” party to cut down on the number of people in the house – we ended up with 20 kids in attendance and that was crowd enough! Fortunately, with 2 families involved we had 5 adults to keep things under control since my mother was able to join for the weekend. Control might not be exactly the word here, but it wasn’t total chaos. Several of the kids said this was the best birthday party they had attended – and my mother even heard one say he wished he could do this every day! I’d say that is pretty high praise from a group of 6 and 7 year olds. The big question now: how will we ever top this??


One response to “Turning 7

  1. Have ya thawt of the KFC? Some got play space. Scarfs aren’t as fancy. Ares used mostly to well to get th birds ready for cookin. But th kids wood have fun. Feathers everywhere. An you know there’s never no cryin, just fryin. We no how to give a party (or a tailgate) too.

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