Yummy Dough!

Back at Christmas, some friends gave Fletcher and Lola Gray a box of Yummy Dough edible play dough. It looked cute, but in the holiday rush it got shuffled to the back of a cabinet and all but forgotten. Until yesterday, that is, when we were looking for a fun Sunday afternoon activity.

At first we were sure we must be doing something wrong! The package comes with four bags of powder, a plastic syringe, and instructions to mix exactly 20ml of water into each of the packs of powder. (I thought the syringe part was very weird, but the kids loved it!)
We did as instructed, and this is what it looked like . . .

But we kept kneading, and kneading, and kneading. And amazingly, it turned into this!

The kids had a great time making their creations. Fletcher made a few “glowing power orbs” of swirled colors as well as a great sword – and then just as quickly as he jumped into the activity he jumped back out and was done. On to the next thing. Lola Gray, however, could have done this all day long.

I know I have said this before but she really amazes me. She works with an intensity that is incredible to watch. Her end product is great, but I’m not suggesting she is a prodigy by any stretch. She just gets this incredible focus that we don’t really see with her anywhere else.

She seems to see things differently than other kids. When I asked why a person she had made only had one eye, she looked at me like I was nuts and told me that the other one was on the other side of his head. Duh. And yesterday when I explained that I wanted to move this great little painting she did because I was afraid in the kitchen it might get water splashed onto it, she told me it was ok if it got splashed because that might make the colors fade and then it would look like a Roman painting – her reference there being to the amazing old frescoes we saw last summer in Rome. What five year old thinks like that?

Anyway, the Yummy Dough was a big hit. We baked our creations in the oven, and while I wasn’t crazy about the taste (I thought our home made play dough cookies tasted much better) the kids loved them and gobbled them all up. Perfect.


One response to “Yummy Dough!

  1. Isn’t it nice that they are so different?

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