Fletcher & Henry: age 7

Seven is a great age. Fletcher is literate (there is really nothing the boy can’t read), independent (he crosses the street safely to call the neighbors out to play, then roams the front yards and sidewalks in a gang of barefoot boys) and he still loves snuggling with his Mama. He is also becoming aware of himself in context, comparing himself, for the first time, to the kids around him. It is fascinating to witness this emerging self-awareness. But a little heartbreaking too. He has started commenting on his size, noting how much bigger his friends are, wondering out loud if he will always be the smallest kid in the class. And he might be. Or, he might not be. I tell him that it really doesn’t matter. His friends don’t care how tall he is. I don’t care how tall he is.
doesn’t really seem to care . . . but he notices.
It’s getting harder and harder not to.

Anyway, this has been on his mind a lot lately, so of course it has been on mine as well. I’m planning a series of photographs of my sweet boy with six of his buddies. Seven boys, all seven years old. I’m not really sure where it will take me, but here are the first images from the series.


7 responses to “Fletcher & Henry: age 7

  1. I *really* like the first and the 4th image down. The tonal range is interesting as well, I could see final prints as maybe…salt prints? Here I am thinking ahead. 😛 Anyway, I am curious where this series will go and how the boys will influence places you choose to shoot. Very interesting!

    • Thank you, Neha! It means a lot to me that you like these images. I am incredibly insecure about working in photography since I have no formal photography training – I’m just learning as I go! I LOVE the idea of salt prints, but without a dark room . . . who knows?

  2. I LOVE them. I love the idea of them and the theme. I can’t wait to see him with his other 5 friends. I think they’re fantastic. I love how serious they are…the boys looking right at the camera, who’s in there? what’s in there? what are you looking at? do you see me?

    I love the tonal quality too. I love the warmth in these images that sometimes can be missing in a black and white. Perhaps photo transfers? Since you don’t have a dark room for the salt prints.

    Looking forward to more!

  3. Are there any mor of th birds?

  4. Amazing photos, Ashley!!

  5. Thanks guys!! I’m really pleased with these so far and it is great to have other people respond to them as well. I’m already thinking about the next shoot . . .

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