email guardian angel?

A few weekends ago when we were in Atlanta, we spent some time in the Apple store playing with the fabulous new iPads (I am sooooooooo in love! I think I really need one!)

So, Fletcher was playing around with the photobooth program and took this great photo of himself. It looked like the view through a kaleidoscope, and I don’t usually go for those sorts of filtered photos, but I just loved this one – I loved the third ‘alien’ eye and the triangle his mouth made and the pattern made by the highlights in his hair. It didn’t hurt that this is my sweet boy, of course. I wanted that photo! But I didn’t have a way to get it off the iPad. I tried to email it to myself, but there was no email configured. I went to my webmail and thought I had sent it to myself that way, but the email came through with a broken image icon – no photo. I was so disappointed, but what could I do?

Well, I must have some sort of email guardian angel out there, because look what showed up in my in box a few days ago! It came from an unknown email account, no name, no message, just this photo . . .


2 responses to “email guardian angel?

  1. Chrissy Ketron

    Love this.

  2. Very cool!

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