What will YOU do?

It’s a simple idea. This year on Earth Day, do something kind for the earth. Leave the car at home and bike to work, plant a garden, or pick up trash at the neighborhood park. And while you’re at it, invite others to join in and find their own way of being kind to the earth. Whatever it is, big or small, your actions to love, respect and B Kind 2 Earth will add up!

Bloggers across the country are joining forces with the National Wildlife Federation, Nickelodeon and TheMotherhood.com to encourage families in all 50 states to get outside, appreciate our planet and do good things for the Earth. I have pledged to help enlist at least 75 others in Georgia to promise to B Kind 2 Earth on Earth Day by “liking” our Facebook fan page and therefore committing to doing something. Please help me out!

I’m not sure exactly what I want my act of kindness to the earth to be this year. We try to do little things every day – things like recycling and composting and not running the heat or the air conditioning unless we really need them. The biggest change we have made recently is to install a clothes line in the back yard to line dry our laundry. Since the weather has warmed up, we have hardly run the clothes dryer at all – and we have seen a big change in our electric bill as a result! It’s a win win situation!

So, what will YOU do?


13 responses to “What will YOU do?

  1. Georgia is going to ROCK with you leading the way!!!!! I can’t wait to hear about all the very cool ways the Peach Tree State finds to B Kind 2 Earth on April 22nd!!

    I love the clothes line idea!

    Thank you SO MUCH for joining B Kind 2 Earth day!!!!!

  2. Well done, Ash! We’ll follow suit. Jealous of your clothesline, our HOA won’t allow it. I still remember the smell and feel of sun-bleached bedsheets at E’s house, sleeping on them with open windows in the summer. It’s enough to drive me to the country.

  3. We try to live Earth Day everyday in our house by recycling, turning off all lights when we don’t need them, never ever litter, turn off the water while washing hands, brushing teeth and washing dishes instead of just letting it run no stop. Brody can’t stand to see trash (litter) laying around and will almost always pick it up and find a trashcan ( I am never without hand sanitizer).
    But I think for this year since we will be on the beach that day i will gather the kids that will be with us and we will go on a clean up the beach walk. Each will have their own bag to gather anything that is not a shell, footprint or sand.
    Thank you for getting the word out and inspiring people to do the right thing. you are an awesome person.

  4. Composting, done! Recycling, done! Laundry line, done! Reusing clothes and shoes, done! Planting, done! Reading paper online, done! Kleen canteen, done!

    Getting baby off diaper… in progress!!!

    • Tomoko, I am so amazed by you, Dylan, and the whole getting off diapers thing! If only sleep training were as easy . . . .:-)

  5. We’re walknig that day! Everywhere, or we’re just not going where we can’t walk…

  6. My family and I recycle (too much). Our recycle can is always overflowing. We ride bikes whenever possible and my husband’s construction company has branched out into solar panels. He will continue to encourage his customers to use the panels.

  7. Chrissy Ketron

    Little Phoebe has some of her own ideas – I think she already understands how important our ‘world’ is. She plans to pick up litter and find spots for recycling it, plant some trees (seeds), keep all the lights and power off as long as we can….. Smart cookie.

  8. I am not sure what we would do that day particularly since I we will be driving pretty much all day, so I guess is a good thing we own a hybrid. But the next day we will work at the Earth Day Fest helping to create awareness on the availability of local products in Savannah.

  9. I recently purchased a tumbling composter and am feed it weekly. Recycling pickup is not offered in my area, but I collect mine and take it into town to deposit into a friends container.

  10. Christina Chancey

    Today I taught the students at garden club the importance of conserving water. We used our rain barrel to water the whole garden and it was a great hands on lesson. They enjoyed filling their watering can from this big barrel. We also installed our composter and are going to use that to help with our school garden as well. Soon we will be teaching the students about composting.

  11. On this earth day, we plan to use cloth napkins instead of paper and take shorter showers. We use our own grocery bags and always recycle, but I’ll make sure our children are aware it’s Earth Day and let each of them tell me a way that they want to conserve. Next, we will put it into practice!

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