5 Ways to Unplug and Connect with Your Family for Earth Day : Wildlife Promise

Earth Day is right around the corner, and I’ve been trying to come up with some fun things to do with the kids to reinforce the importance of being good stewards of our planet . This article on the NWF blog has some great ides for connecting with nature, but I think my favorite is #1: Make solar S’Mores! I mean, what better way to learn about the power of the sun, renewable resources, and power conservation than through a yummy, chocolaty, marshmallowy treat!

Click the link below for the full article – and be sure to let me know what YOU plan to do to B Kind 2 Earth!

5 Ways to Unplug and Connect with Your Family for Earth Day : Wildlife Promise.

Are you ready for Earth Day? Help your family embrace nature on April 22 by doing more than just hugging a tree with these activities from Rebecca P. Cohen’s new book, Fifteen Minutes Outside: 365 Ways to Get Out of the House and Connect with Your Kids.

These simple ideas will help you conserve, learn, and have fun together. Then you can join the B Kind 2 Earth Day campaign! The idea is simple: promise to do at least one kind thing for the earth on Earth Day and get others to do the same. The kindness can be as basic as going on a hike with your kids, or as big as a park clean up – or anything in between.


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