Sweet home Alabama

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The world is buzzing today with talk of the death of Osama Bin Laden. But my heart and mind are still occupied with thoughts of Alabama. My home of 4 years, home of my husband’s entire family, was devastated last week by tornadoes the likes of which I hope we never see again. While many have lost houses,  cars,  trees, I am so happy to be able to report that all of our friends and family are safe and sound. There are so, so many who can not say the same.

Copyright All rights reserved by cornflowerbluestudio

Looking at the photos and video of the destruction has been incredibly overwhelming. I keep flashing back to my first year in Birmingham when I heard the tornado sirens for the very first time. I was terrified. I pulled my television and my cat into a closet and spent the entire night there, straining to hear the tell-tale sound of an approaching freight train. Of course, it never came and the next day my friends and students laughed at my silliness. A tornado would never hit in the city.

Copyright All rights reserved by cornflowerbluestudio

And then I flash to countless phone conversations with Raymond where he was standing in his driveway in Tuscaloosa looking for tornadoes, hoping to catch a glimpse as the sirens wailed. He never did. But that house, that driveway where he stood and laughed at how upset I was by his storm chasing . . . that house is likely gone now. The storm on April 27th cut straight through the neighborhood.

And even though it has been 10 years since we moved to Savannah, I can’t keep myself from thinking  about what might have happened if we were still there . . .

It is going to take Alabama a long, long time to come back from this one, and they are going to need lots of help. Please help if you can. Right now there are plenty of volunteers on the ground but they still need supplies and, more importantly, money.

I love these tees. Graphic designer Maggie Crisler originally designed them to sell for a profit, but after the events of the past week she has decided to donate the proceeds to the Red Cross to help storm victims. On her website she says her goal is to donate $1000 but I think the tees are so great she should be able to raise much more.


5 responses to “Sweet home Alabama

  1. Unbelievable pictures. Hard to imagine.

  2. Ashley, thanks so much for your blog. I was “home” in Alabama the week of spring break and buried my grandfather in Haleyville, AL about three miles from Phil Campbell, one of the small towns nearly wiped from the map. I’ve only lost one family member, and we feel lucky that that is it. Love the shirts- going there now!

  3. Hello!
    I just ran across your blog…thank you so much for posting a link to my site! Every little bit helps the relief effort…I’ve already received orders for around 700 shirts…so much more than I could’ve imagined!!! Especially considering they’ve only been available to order for a little more than 48 hours.

    Thank you again for helping spread the word.

    • Maggie, we love your shirts! I’ve been telling everyone I know about them. Hope you raise lots and lots of money to help with the relief efforts. Keep up the good work!

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