The Great American Backyard Campout!

Mark your calendars for
Saturday, June 25th!

We need to give back to our children what they don’t even know they’ve lost, a connection to the natural world.

In the last two decades, childhood has literally moved indoors with kids spending more than seven hours per day in front of electronic media. The average American child now spends just four to seven minutes outside in unstructured play each day.  Simply put, the nature of childhood has changed, and there isn’t much nature in it.

But we can change that. A night under the stars will help kids understand why it’s called the GREAT outdoors. Studies show that outdoor time helps children grow lean and strong, enhances creativity and attention spans, decreases aggression, and boosts classroom performance. Bottom line; healthier,
happier kids. And that means happier Mamas, too.

While Raymond is in Italy again this summer, the kids and I will be participating in the Great American Backyard Campout! This fundraising effort by the National Wildlife Federation encourages parents and kids alike to trade screen time for green time by spending a night under the stars. We are registered as a team and will be inviting the kids’ friends to join us for what I can only imagine will be a wild outdoor slumber party. (Am I crazy??? Probably. I mean, I’ve never set up the tent on my own before, never built a fire, heck I’ve never even lit the grill by myself before!) But I have to tell you, I’m really excited about this! So come on, folks, and join the team!

Click here to join our team, the Savannah GNATurals!
(our password is teamgaddy)

If you aren’t close enough to join in our backyard fun, or aren’t available on June 25th, don’t worry! You can still join the team and sign up to participate on your own, on whatever date is most convenient. When you register your campout on National Wildlife Federation’s web site you get helpful information to make your camping experience a fun one including recipes, nocturnal wildlife guides, campfire songs and games, nature activities and more. Plus, those registration numbers ensure that NWF will be able to continue this great event year after year – so please register! Summer will be here before you know it!


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